growing plants in garage during winter

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I’m putting them in large plastic storage bins,no lids, with a drainage device underneath each group ?putting in the garage and basement. Your email address will not be published. Many people save geraniums in cool places where they go pretty much dormant during the winter, and then they leaf out again in the spring. And they do just fine. Related: Herb gardens give many benefits. Once the weather warms I introduce them gradually to “real sunshine” by putting them by the garage door and opening it for an hour or two during a nice day. Then, the power grid failed. Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by letsmokeasweet, Jan 2, ... if i grow in my garage in these conditions will the plants survive these low temps? Do you think this environment would be well suited to harbor plants over winter? Can it be stored in the garage? It went into a cold shed and she never took it out of the pot. They have to keep the lights on 24/7 to keep it warm enough during the winter @ night especially. You can either use grow lights or plain fluorescent lights – tube lights in a shop fixture should go fairly close to the plants (six inches to a couple of feet). This keeps the plant dormant but the plants never freeze. Start the seeds in these kits in the house and once they are growing well, transplant them to your chosen growing area for the winter. Can a potted gardenia tree survive winter in the garage? Mine always break dormancy in the garage sometime in February too. Your key lime should go in front of a sunny window or slider in the house. If it’s a sunny room the temps might swing drastically between very warm in the day and cold at night – and that can be hard on many plants. What is best to do for the winter? Went out in the garage and have a small hydrangea and the leaves are starting to sprout out on them. They always look a bit scraggly though by spring. The pink Gaura is not hardy for us and I don’t even try to keep it as it’s widely available in the spring at the garden centers. This is my second year with a greenhouse for the winter months, but as we moved in September and the greenhouse was full of weeds, this is really my first year aiming for more winter vegetables. since they had no light. M, Move them out now so they can break dormancy outdoors. I don’t know your weather so hard to advise…call your local garden center. No, there wasn’t a Gaura in my photos. I usually trim them down about 1/3 when I bring them back outside. Collin – if this is truly a hardy hibiscus, not a tropical hibiscus, why not just plant it in the ground outside? I do have a garage but I cant put the plants near the windows because of other things are there. I have a huge aloe Vera plant that I cannot put in the house. I built a 4x4x6 grow box out of 2x4’s and sided it with OSB then rigid r5 insulation board. hosta.heucherapotH.jpg. Basements might be too cold for cannabis, especially during winter and lights-off cycle. In front of the window will be great – put trays under so you can water them well when dry. A Temporary Move. And, what would be the instructions on watering in sunroom and outside on deck? The leaves and stems hold water as an adaptation to growing … Any ideas for a heat source that would be safe and minimal – enough warmth to just keep there from getting so bedraggled ? I was so surprised that all my plants did well in the garage last year. I’ve got a Hardy hibiscus appx 3ft tall in a planter, too big for house & unheated garage w/broken pull down door. Will they be ok stored in an unheated, attached garage with no natural light. But they can’t be where it’s below 32. Jeanne, then it is not too uncommon for the daily high to be in the mid-sixties for several days, i.e. Enjoy! I’d keep them outside, or even bury the pots in the ground for the winter instead of blankets. Put them out in a fully shaded area at first – if it’s still below 45 at night where you are, you might want to put them out in the day and in the garage at night for 4 to 7 days, then move out into shade for good. As the days lengthen the plants start to break dormancy, even though there really isn’t enough light to sustain this growth. I was away all winter and stored some potted plants in my unheated garage……..It is early May and my potted Hostas have emerged!! There are some plants that may not survive in containers outdoors, yet they don’t need to be in the house either. Zone 5. At this time of year my garage is packed to the rafters. Can I save them if I put them out in heavy shade?? We have days in January and February that can reach 75 degrees and two days later it will be 5 degrees. Cathy, I know someone who grows in a garage. LOL. In addition to winter preparation, it is very important to keep in mind the container you have selected for … i would appreciate your opinion. Wilda – only if your garage has a window and doesn’t go below 50 degrees. If you live where harsh winter temperatures get colder than that (hardiness zones 6 and below), you can grow fig trees in containers outside in the a sunny spot all summer. So keep track of temps in the winter and you’ll have better information. Just don’t know how I’m going to get it all done and plant tulips in this cold weather already in Milwaukee Wi ! If they’re in sun the soil will dry out faster than if not in sun. It’s only the middle of January and I’m in Ontario Canada. There is a rack of boots, some brooms and the garbage cans…normal garage stuff. then it is not too uncommon for the daily high to be in the mid-sixties for several days, i.e. Mine is in the kitchen by the sliding glass door! 2. I do this by grouping them near the garage door and opening it for short periods so that the sun can come in. Once you put them out, put them in the shade at first, and move gradually to more light so the leaves that opened in the garage don’t get burned. 5-7. im afraid the plants will start to come out of dormancy during these warm spells. I live in Amarillo, TX which is in zone 7A. When it starts warming up in the spring I’ll open the garage for a bit and then bring them back outside. Also, in February when the sun gets warmer the plants can cook under the tarp…just like your car heats up from the sun in February even when it’s cold outside. If you want to keep it, yes, put it in your garage (coreopsis too – another short-lived perennial) – DO NOT CUT THEM BACK – Do not put a tarp over plants – prevents water from getting to the roots and doesn’t protect them at the end of the day. Some plants are grouped near one of the eastern-facing windows. Store these in a cool, dry and dark area throughout the winter, then replant them outside in spring. For others, winter is just another season for growing! It doesn’t have to be a lot of sun, but you do need it in light and this plant doesn’t want temps lower than 50. I live in Northern MinneSNOWta and as of today (10/19/20) we have 4″ of snow on the ground and more coming. Our basement has a very small north facing window. Standard pots can be buried in the ground for added insulation. Citrus Some types of dwarf citrus (which can be kept in a large pot) are suitable for indoor growing, or at least overwintering indoors. Would our unheated sunroom be a good place to winterize them? I feel your pain. I have two large citronella plants and a garage with no windows. Purchase thyme, sage, oregano, parsley, lavender and hardy rosemary for adding to containers and winter vegetable gardens. Thanks!! You want the lights to be about one inch above the plants, but be careful because the plants will quickly burn and dry out if they touch the lights. I can’t say what would be best for you, but what I can tell you is how I manage mine, and if I was in your situation I would not bring it up to a warm place this early. I have a full eastern and a full southern-facing window in my unheated garage. I end up with plants like these in my bathroom, laundry room and guest room. I also have a moonbeam coreopsis in a large wooden deck planter. Since I wasn’t sure where it should reside permanently, I potted it in a large metal pot with a green patina that I forgot I had and set it in the sunny border of a garden space, and it’s gorgeous there! I know that most people don’t like throwing plants away, but it’s always an option when a plant gets too large to leave it outside (maybe planted in the ground) and if it makes it that’s fantastic and if it doesn’t, oh well. You can either leave it where you plant it, or dig it up in the spring and put it back in the planter. Louis, If you choose to, or must, start your plants from seeds, then you will need to add a seed tray and mix to your shopping list. The spider plants and geraniums are best over-wintered in the house in front of a sunny window if you have the space. My garage has no windows so I keep a couple of lights shining on them through the winter and water them less often.

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