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This chart was compiled by Kerry Burkheimer, Nate Koenigsknecht, Brian Styskal, Rob Allen, Greg Bencivenga, Willy George, Steve Perakis, Peter Gadd and Randy Stetzer. © 2021 OLYMPIC PENINSULA SKAGIT TACTICS OPST – Olympic Peninsula Skagit Tactics’ Commando Heads represent the culmination of decades of innovation in Skagit casting by Ed Ward and Jerry French. OPST Commando Sink Tips are 12' long and perfectly matched to work with the OPST Commando Shooting heads. What would you recommend: reel to leader? OPST has taken Skagit-style fishing, optimized it for steelhead and salmon, and brought it to the world of trout and bass. 2. 530-228-1895, Greetings: Craig The OPST Commando Head Micro Series is a very short Skagit (pronounced skaj-it) head fly line designed for making roll or spey casts on rivers where there's minimal room for backcasting. I put 35 lb. For more infomation contact info@opskagit.com or call 206-858-8476. The Skagit River and the Olympic Peninsula have defined our products, the way we fish, and our philosophy. Its a mess. 10ft: $24.00: Add to Cart. He spec'd out a great chart for you and it provides some excellent guidance on getting the right line for your rod and goals. Coordinates: N32°32.14' / E74°21.83' View all Airports in Punjab, Pakistan. You may be surprised at their short length, but this was no accident. Historically, Skagit heads were about 23' long. Marker 15 (*Note to receive an order before Christmas, UPS ground must be ordered at least by November 14th (This is not guaranteed, but there are faster options available for those late shoppers)). Try casting that on a new age "Trout Spey" rod like an 11' 3 weight and you'll wish you hadn't! OPST Commando Floating Tip - The OPST Commando Floating Tips take your Commando Head and turn it into a full-blown laser beam trout fishing weapon. Over the years two-handed rods have gotten progressively shorter, and lighter, hence the need for a "New School" Skagit line to enter the market. It’s Fun! In fact, if you’re looking to line up a rod that has been discontinued, be sure to check it out here! VFR Chart of OPST. Backing (we'll install backing at no extra charge for all reel purchases if you request it in your order comments). TWO-HANDED LINE RECOMMENDATIONS Trying to determine what line to use for your two-handed rod? Things sound better with up to 50% off right? Commando Heads are fantastic on two hand rods, but where they really prove their versatility is in single hand casting. Kevin, Line Selection Chart for OPST Commando, Switch Rods, Single Hand Spey, and other spey line systems, Website & Select your two-handed rod below and you’ll find our suggestions. 12'Commando Tip. New to Spey/skagit. USE OUR LINE SELECTOR APP. It comes in various grain weights to match the size of the rod (e.g. "Feel The Difference", Address12644 Interurban Avenue SouthBuilding 3Tukwila, WA 98168, HoursMonday—Friday: 10:00AM–5:00PMSaturday & Sunday: Closed, Telephone:+1(206) 858-8476E-mail: INFO@OPSKAGIT.COM. 1. Ellensburg, WA 98926 Olympic Peninsula Skagit Tactics. Either way, line recommendation charts are a great place to start when matching up a new rod. UPDATE! It allows you to use 2-4 weight switch rods and still fish big streamers. Because the line is a projectile, a thin mono-filament line (“running line” aka. For big bushy dry flies to whatever trout may be sipping on, these floating tips are the ideal weight and taper to deliver your fly efficiently and accurately to your target. AND match up the right type of sink tip for their desired line system. Many anglers want the advantages of using Skagit style shooting heads on their traditional single hand rods. It just makes sense! We have attempted to simplify this and give anglers the resources needed to pair up their rods with "New School Skagit" lines like the OPST Commando, Airflo Skagit Scout, SA Spey Lite, RIO Trout MAX, and others. Examples of Monofilament Running Lines Currently on the Market: Some of the more popular mono running lines currently available include the Airflo Impact, Rio Slickshooter, OPST Lazar Line, and Varivas Airs. Single Hand/Switch and Double Hand : Sink/Floating Tips Line Recommendation Chart, a true illustration of Ed’s vision. They are designed to expand the capabilities of shorter spey rods, switch rods and single hand rods beyond that of normal. OPST Generic Line Chart and Tip Recommendations. Cheers! You’re not alone. 8/9 168 Grain. (*Note to receive an order before Christmas, UPS ground must be … staff@redsflyshop.com This can be confusing, but luckily, companies like OPST, SA, Rio, and Airflo have made it easier than ever for everyone. | Theme by Mile High Themes | And because we get the question a lot, we have compiled a list of recommendations. t-11/t-14 6' or 10'/10'-12'. (509) 933-2300 Development by Price. It is typically between 35 and 55 feet in length and can be either floating or sinking. Contemporary Skagit heads for trout spey and switch rods are much shorter and range from 11' - 15' give or take a few. (4pc) and concurrently introduced to OPST system. Add to that the ability chart information for multiple companies and multiple metrics at the same time, and the power becomes apparent. fishing for trout mostly on the Lower Sacramento River in Anderson, CA. OPST's Commando Heads are the result of decades of focus on sustained anchor systemology (SAS) by Ed Ward. I will place my order as soon as I hear back. While it’s a little difficult to see on the taper chart, this line features a long front taper, short-ish belly, and long-ish rear taper, which is a very unusual combination. BVK Spey Line Recommendations 12’8″ 6-weight (400-600 Grain Window) Skagit400-475 grains18-26 … In addition to being a fly fishing junkie, Joe is a hard core bowhunter, is a volunteer Hunter's Eductation Instructor, and loves riding horses with his kiddos. I own an 11 feet sage one trout spey rod for #3 line , according to opst chart I should use a 175 grains opst commando but Sage says I should match a 250 grains with that rod, What do you recommend ? Joe still guides a small part of the time but spends most of his time working on web marketing, travel, and helping customers find the right tools and information for the job. Get Opt-Sciences Corp (OPST:OTCPK) real-time stock quotes, news and financial information from CNBC. ECHO 2Hand Rod and OPST Line Weights 2018.xlsx Series Model Length Line Grain/Gram Window OPST Commando ECHO3 Switch 6110 11' 0" 6 330gr/21g - 390gr/25g 275 7110 11' 0" 7 390gr/25g - 450gr/29g 325 8110 11' 0" 8 450gr/29g - 510gr/33g 375 ECHO3 Two Hand 6127 12' 7" 6 390gr/25g - 480gr/31g 325 7130 13' 0" 7 450gr/29g - 540gr/35g 375 8134 13' 4" 8 510gr/33g - … Add a 15' sink tip to that (this was standard 10 years ago) adn you have a 33' head plus leader. Skagit tactics have traditionally been associated with two-handed fishing for salmon and steelhead, but OPST's Commando Skagit Heads, in their lighter grain weights, are short enough to excel on single hand fly rods. 12ft: $24.00: Add to Cart. The Fundamental Chart contains more than 4,000 line items and calculations - from PE Ratios to Payout Ratios - which can be combined to present a clear long-term view of a business. Ellensburg, WA 98926, 14706 Hwy. For more consistent deliveries we recommend using DHL or UPS.

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