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Container Size: 30lt pot, Plant Features: LAURUS noblis – Bay Laurel is neat compact evergreen Mediterranean tree with oval dark green leaves (used in ancient times to form Caesar’s ‘Laurel Wreath’). Container Size: 35lt pot, Plant Features: We have a wide range of balls in different plants & sizes to suit your conditions & garden style. Container Size: 60 lt pot, Plant Features: Great for large pots, or in the garden as a mixed height grouping is very effective, Grade: 1.9m tall Deciduous Trees. Fantastic for a smaller urban section, or pots on either side of the front door,  2 ft. Hedyotis Topiary Trees (2-Pack) Bringing botanical beauty to any space, this Bringing botanical beauty to any space, this set of 24 in. I have planted up such a specimen into a very large stoneware pot and have underplanted ou .... Continue reading, Also known as a copper beech - 1 x only available, Grade: 1.1m wide grey bowl , height -1.40m high Container Size: 45lt, Plant Features: Website by Monsoon Creative. An extra-large grade like these will look amazing on either side of the main entranceway to a large home, the super lush green heads look awesome!! When you need instant impact, this large specimen grade will give you just that, beautifully crafted specimens  Now $40.00. A variety of totara from South America - responds well to trimming, small shiny green foliage, Grade: Main stem height - 90cm , head diameter - 1.0m , other grades available with its super emerald green foliage  it looks very effective planted into a white fibreglass urn/pot on either side of your front door, Great option for something special in a pot on your patio/deck, each specimen has been uniquely created to show off some character, this selection of NZ totara makes a very good topiary, responds well to clipping, and very low maintenance, Grade: Stem height - 1.3m, head diameter-60cm, total height - 1.90m An excellent option, for espaliering onto a trellis/fence, pure white flowers, will grow in sun or shade, Grade: Height -50cm, width- 70cm - have 3 x assorted bonsai shapes in stock As a beautiful feature specimen seated in a large front entranceway garden, this plant is one of my best individual topiary creations - so full of character !! Evergreen Trees. See more ideas about Topiary garden, Topiary, Garden. Compact growth habit, small white fragrant flowers Wairere Nursery 826 Gordonton Road, R D 1, Hamilton 3281 Ph: (07) 824 3430 Email: A topiary specimen with real pizzazz - trained to fit into a pot on the patio, really low maintenance, and will get even more magical as it grows and matures, Grade: Stem height 1.4m, head diameter -50cm -total- 1.90m - have a few available with shorter/taller stem heights Coastal Plants. 21-23 November 2014: The 2014 NZ Garden & Art Festival was a great success. Container Size: 35lt, Plant Features: The Little Big Tree Company has a huge selection of quality evergreen and deciduous tree and offers a full tree planting and placing service carried out by qualified staff. stem height- 1.5m and varying sized heads - around 1.0m on the top!! Medium sized topiary, already trained into an excellent shape or well on their way. Hartwell House topiary. Acacia baileyana 'Purpurea'. Container Size: 60lt pot, Plant Features: I see these as a great option to line either side of a driveway in a larger lifestyle block, where a property owner is wanting to bring in some height and create a canopy of trees lining the drive, this particular tree is a member of the maple family- and super tough to all the weather elements, esp .... Continue reading, Topiary Globe / Ball - limited numbers available, Grade: globe diameter-75cm View our products available below or by visit Rukuhia Homestead by appointment. Container Size: 40lt pot, Plant Features: My thanks go to the organisers who worked tirelessly to give visitors a full week of pleasure and indulgence. We supply healthy, hardy plants to retail and wholesale customers across New Zealand. These maples have attractive deepest maroon/ burgundy foliage, with espaliered specimens you could look to planting in front of an authentic bamboo fence, or in fact any unused wooden fence, its just that you would need to have it sheltered behind a prevailing fenceline from the wind, this p .... Continue reading, Topiary shaped - 3 x matching specimens available, Grade: height 2.20m. Container Size: 60lt pot, Plant Features: Plant Features: Glossy deep green leaves are offset by scented clusters of white flowers late winter through spring. Romano Hedyotis Trees add effortless style in your home or office. A compact selection of the Californian Redwood, with very natural cedar looking foliage, would make stunning columnar specimens lining a large meandering  driveway leading up to a lovely homestead  in a lifestyle block or farm, where you can appreciate its grandeur, Grade: Height 1.10m Hot Dry Gardens. Hardy. Container Size: 45lt pot. Container Size: 1.10m wide grey bowl, Plant Features: We specialise in designing and fabricating metal products for interior or exterior use. The attractive blue/grey/green foliage really suits a modern looking home, this columnar shape is a good option say in matching black pots on either side of the front door, or evenly spaced  along a narrow garden to bring some class or X factor. This variety of camellia is very very cool with its naturally occurring zig zag branching of the main stem and side branching  Attractive strong red flowers in late winter/ early spring I believe these standards would look amazing in an Asian style garden, underplanted with green moss and a f .... Continue reading, Grade: Height - 1.80m Real character exudes from these specimens, super enlarged main trunk with a topiary bonsai shaped head,  Container Size: 35lt pot, Plant Features: We've Got Standards is a small boutique nursery located in Swannanoa. If you love limes - then you will love having one of these limecocktail citrus trees in your potager  garden/or on your patio in a pot Christchurch's Iconic Home & Garden Destination. Container Size: 45lt pot, Plant Features: Acer negundo 'Kelly's Gold'. A good option for pots/containers at the coast, or where wind/weather elements can be cruel from time to time, extremely drought tolerant, Grade: height 2.0m - character main trunk with its bends and twists Quick View 50% OFF. Container Size: 60lt pot, Plant Features: Container Size: 35lt pot, Plant Features: Container Size: 30 lt pot. As a tapered column very effective lining a narrow garden, in pots or in the garden on either side of a gateway/archway Single white flowers from early autumn and well into winter, dark green foliage, great in shade or in the full sun, Grade: Diameter -65cm After 20 years in the flower market, the people of NY Topiary have become synonymous with the best and most unique selection of topiaries in New York. A variety of totara - native of South America - very fine shiny green foliage - Responds very well to trimming, and is a good low maintenance topiary option - impressive large grade !! Container Size: 15lt pot, Plant Features: the bowl like finishes the dress up of .... Continue reading, Grade: Height - grown/trained onto a 1.0m high black steel trellis Container Size: 45lt pot, Plant Features: Container Size: 45lt, Plant Features: 'No one else grows Topiary like you' Jane Zajac, Tauranga. Hardy and easy to grow in sun or light shade. "I know I have, without doubt, the very best quality range of inspirational Topiary plants in the Waikato.". Often considered as the focal point of a room, the fireplace is a popular spot to decorate with greenery. Will look amazing in a large stoneware bowl, situated on the patio - cover the top o .... Continue reading, Topiary column - in the USA its commonly called the California Xmas Tree, Grade: height 2.4-2.8m tall And much, much more! Greenery Imports is Christchurch #1 distributor of life like artificial plants and artificial flowers. I have created each cloud specimen to be uniquely different, and they will get more impressive as they grow and mature !! Our selection of topiary balls make stylish feature plants in pots; en masse in mixed groupings to anchor the garden; or you can combine them in pairs at entrances, gates and garages; line pathways and steps; or plant them in corners and as full stops on the end of hedges. Container Size: 45lt, Plant Features: They are also suitable for stages or at corporate events with speakers. This is my personally favourite variety from the Japanese maple family - Why do I think this particular maple is so good - ?? A variety of topiary native to South Africa - makes a great topiary that I think is very cool with its semi weeping foliage, suits a modern style garden and looks fantastic - In front of a cedar wall, or a white house, handles wind and hot summer temperatures, great in large pots or in the groun .... Continue reading, Grade: 1.4m

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