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Switzerland’s third highest road pass, the Great St Bernard Pass, is at an elevation of 2,469 m. It connects Martigny, the capital of the Martigny district in the Swiss Valais canton with Aosta, the principal city of Italy’s Aosta Valley. A hairpin turn (also hairpin bend, hairpin corner, etc. Outlandish, I thought. We started to hit the hairpin bends, the bus labouring and the brakes screeching as we rounded each dreadful turn. The views of the plains below are beautiful and the dense green tropical forests surrounding the hairpin bends adds to the charm. China's long and winding road contains SIX HUNDRED hairpin turns. The landscape was almost savage in its nightmarish beauty. The six km drive down this motorway set amidst a spectacular landscape was anything but difficult. Some of the world’s most scenic roads have series of hairpin turns climbing up and down the mountainside. The Gorges de Daluis is a deep, narrow gorge on the Upper Var River located in the Alpes-Maritimes department in southeastern France. 0:46. With perfect stock photos sent to you every month. … Perfect for those Facebook and Instagram posts! This mountain pass reaches a maximum elevation of 2757m (9045ft) after you’ve ascended all 48 hairpin bends. Articles. A hairpin turn is a bend with a very acute inner angle, making it necessary for an oncoming vehicle to turn almost 180° to continue on the road. 70 Adventurous Hairpin Bends to Reach this destination - Kolli Hills Hikers and riders, its Kolli hills near Salem in Tamilnadu, one of the most adventurous road trip destination in South India. Author: Glynn Garrad. The asphalted road is very narrow, bumpy, and has no barriers but it offers an amazing view of the Libyan Sea. Directed by Fabrizio Lussu. Expect hairpin bends, bridges, crests and spectacular views as you ascend the aptly named “Devil’s Staircase” – this one’s not for the road shy. In China, Nujiang 72 turns/Baxoi 99 turns, part of China National Highway 318. 70 continuous hairpin bends take you to Kolli Malai or ‘the mountains of death’. 9:35. 2 words related to hairpin bend: bend, curve. ), named for its resemblance to a hairpin/bobby pin, is a bend in a road with a very acute inner angle, making it necessary for an oncoming vehicle to turn about 180° to continue on the road.Such turns in ramps and trails may be called switchbacks in American English, by analogy with switchback railways. The 8.9km road was completed in 1935 by the Chinese. India has some of the most dangerous roads in the world. Kolli Hills or Kolli Malai is a small mountain range located in central Tamil Nadu in Nammakkal district of India. When I after our Grossglockner drive got the question if I want to join the group for one more drive to the road they had planned for the next day, Nockalmstraße, I of course said yes. When I sat down at night to write about the volatilely ‘different’ events of the day, I was smiling as well as surprised, at what had happened. Newsflare. This is his most impressive challenge so far: descending from the Stelvio Pass - at an altitude of 2758 m - at night, with all of its 48 hairpin turns, on a bike with no handlebars or brakes, illuminated only by a torch and moonlight. It has amazing 70 hairpins to complete while your ride to Kollimalai. The six km drive down this motorway set amidst a spectacular landscape was anything but difficult. The North Yungas Road in Bolivia, also known as the 'Road of Death', is said to be the most dangerous road in the world. Home. 0:55. Riding through these hairpin bends is an exhilarating experience. The road is wide, the bends broad with wide shoulders and the view breathtaking - out of this world, in fact. Though I’ve been driving for 10 years, I recently drove on hairpin bends. One of the most famous mountain routes in the world, the Stelvio Pass in northern Italy boasts an incredible 6,000 feet of gradient gain over 48 hairpin bends and a length of 13 miles. 1 Kolli Hills, Near Salem: With over 72 hair pin pends, Kolli malai or Kolli hills near Namakkal, Salem in Tamil Nadu is a fun to drive destination often missed by mainstream tourists. The Stelvio would have to be one of the most photographed roads in the world. Geiranger. In Nepal, B.P. The highlight on the this hike up Kossdalssvingane is the 17 hairpin bends. What are synonyms for hairpin bend? The road links La Paz with Coroico, with the first 40km stretch deemed as the most hazardous. Why? Playing next. The incredibly winding road is located in Yiliang, Kunming city, and was first constructed back 1995 to connect the two villages of Jinxing and Jinganshao.The road is said to have a dizzying 68 hairpin bends. Old Gotthard Pass, Switzerland The old Gotthard Pass Road, Switzerland. The windy Gotthard Pass road was first constructed in 1830 to connect towns on either side of the mountain range. Great St Bernard Pass. In order to feel even toppier ... Tackling the 11 hairpin bends down to the fjord, we agreed that we weren’t bothered about visiting Geiranger itself, so we skimmed past it and back up the mountain behind it with many, many more hairpin bends. Over 100,000 French translations of English words and phrases. Here we have picked the top five that can make your journey adventurous and scary at the same time. Top Passes. Newsflare. Nockalm Road – 52 hairpin bends in Austria. Antonyms for hairpin bend. And the Agumbe Ghat road from Udupi to Teerthahalli in Karnataka have 13 hairpin turns. Asian Supreme. French Translation of “hairpin bend” | The official Collins English-French Dictionary online. In fact, most of the Ghats include at least one hairpin turn. China's "most spectacular winding road" with 68 turns. With its narrow and uneven tracks – some only three metres wide – and very steep mountains and sheer drops of up to 1,000m, it's easy to see why!

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