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Hector has realized how badly he fell for her manipulations to fall, dick-first, into her magical enslavement trap, and, if given the decision, would be running for the hills as quickly as he could. Despite Carmilla's resistance, Lenore demanded Hector be given better accommodations and to allow him full access to the castle. He is a former general of Dracula who had decided he had enough of killing and fled. Castlevania Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. But being the tragedy series Castlevania has been in it's three seasons I have a feeling he will die by Isaac's hands protecting Lenore. What Lenore presents to her sisters and what she explains to Hector are two different things - while Lenore names them slave rings when talking to her sisters, to Hector, she denies making him her slave, rather she intends for him to be her pet. To ensure that Hector (and by extension, his Night Creatures) Lenore hands over more magic rings to Carmilla, Morana and Striga. help Reddit App Reddit coins Reddit premium Reddit … He'd been active on pet forums for a while now. He never negotiated what he would get in return. Blood.]. The sides of her hair are gathered into a small long braid on her back, with a silver hair ornament and a translucent veil attached, covering part of the hair. She is the vampiress Queen of Styria, as well as the leader of the Council of Sisters.She is a scheming and manipulative noblewoman, and former ally and general of Lord Dracula, who seeks to usurp control over the vampires from him and raise them as the world's new dominant species. She then met Hector in the dungeons and asked to meet him alone. However, one of her war council members, Lenore, makes an honest attempt to make Hector feel like a human again rather than just a Forgemaster they want to make monsters for them to rule with. Castlevania - Lenore. Lenore also seems to have some feeling of insecurity from her sisters making fun of her compassion or not taking her seriously (as she pointed out to Hector often happens due to her being a diplomat). Discover and Share the best GIFs on Tenor. What will happen when our dear trio is reunited at last? Lenore also possesses the strong personal belief and value in the practice of commerce, having the firm belief that everyone has to have some sort of desire for whatever action they do, and believes that everyone deserves a proper reward for their services given, as stated by her during her talks with Hector, where she also reveals that she believes this method is the best tool to be used during negotiations, which ensures that everyone involved in the proceedings is content; and believing that other motivational tools, such as faith, are weak tools during negotiations. #Castlevania #CastlevaniaNetflix #NetflixMy Instagram:http://instagram.com/zetamikel★ DISCLAIMER ★ I do not own the anime, music, artwork or the lyrics. Hector hates humans because of his hard childhood. External links. Sypha and Trevor continue to work quickly to make a plan and save the innocent people in Lindenfeld. The perfect Hector Lenore Castlevania Animated GIF for your conversation. As it turned out, both putting on, and admitting the purpose of the slave ring has damaged Hectors trust in Lenore. Castlevania is an American adult animated streaming television series on Netflix produced by Frederator Studios.Based on the Japanese video game series of the same name by Konami, the first two seasons adapt the 1989 entry Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse and follow Trevor Belmont, Alucard and Sypha Belnades as they defend the nation of Wallachia from Dracula and his minions. For this, he was despised by both his mother and father, a selfish alchemist. Role(s) Each chapter is a different version of how their conversation might have happened. Written for Lenector Weekend 2020, organised by the wonderful BakedTofu. The magic ring bound him to be loyal to Lenore, making his night creatures loyal to her in turn. Lenore and Hector attend Styria's annual Christmas party. Lenore seemed to have turned, asking him, one night, to make love to her before they run away from her sisters. Will they find love? Chibi Hector and Lenore, by Luna Sol - castlevania. Hopefully, he has learned a lesson by now. Unlike her sisters, authors portrayed Lenore as a conflicting character, whose compassion is pitted against common vampire complexes, such as treating humans as inferior. My attempt to fill the gap between s3e8 and s3e9 with a conversation Lenore and Hector might have had. tip: lex m/m (mature OR explicit). Day 2 and 3: Pets and Starlight. His eyes stared in sheer horror at the ring around his finger. joker105 Mar 27, 2020. Japanese voice As always, she's happy to meet Sypha's stock of good puppy boys, but this year Lenore is looking for something special, and Sypha's new rescue might just be it. See a recent post on Tumblr from @multiverxes about lenore. It’s pretty much all just her manipulating Hector into becoming a pet and bondage slave, culminating in a rather explicit sex scene. ], [CW: Hector is restrained and gagged during the scene. But in the throes of passion, Lenore uses the moment to make Hector her puppet. Council of Sisters Story follows the events right from the ending of S03. Lenore starts to seduce Hectar I am not the content owner and I do not own anything here, all credits to original creators. It's extremely silly... don't think too hard about it. By Seerfree Watch. As her cute little pet won't even allow her to touch him without whingeing about it. Lenore gave him hope that vampires could change and help humanity, but after he was played like a fiddle, fans are hoping Hector get an opportunity to make her pay. AntagonistDiplomat Season 3 of Castlevania put a spotlight on a new character that fans seem to have really taken to. Will this orgy be a success? It's the holiday season in modern London, and Lenore wants to treat herself, so she takes herself off to Belnades' Pet Emporium. This makes her true intentions harder to read, since she can present a front to her sisters for the sake of tougher appearance, while hiding her true emotions. As the expansion of Styria continues successfully, Hector has fallen deeper into his relationship with Lenore. Reply. Isaac had spent his time forging the fallen souls of the city he had claimed, forging and thinking about all the best ways to proceed. Council of Sisters at the Castlevania … Hector is the protagonist of Castlevania: Curse of Darkness.He is a former general of Dracula who had decided he had enough of killing and fled. 69.1k. It's Lenore's birthday, and Striga, Morana and Hector have a surprise for her. This is written more from Hector's perspective because we all know what Lenore's goal was at this point in time. If anything, season three's newfound focus on sex actually improves the story, adding extra layers to the complex relationships that form the core of Castlevania. Vampire Lenore is a major antagonist introduced in Season 3 of the Castlevania animated series. Rosaly was a healer of the Church who helped a wounded Hector after he defected from Dracula's army. An Au where Lenore meets Hector before Dracula does, and sways him a little more willingly to her side.As well as this, another big change happens. Not that Hector had any say in this, or else he wouldn't be wearing a pair of ass-less panties right now. Lenore's is shown to take her job as the Styria Council's diplomat very seriously, as seen during her first interactions with Hector, where she made it viciously clear that she wasn't weak and to never assume that she was an easy target to either manipulate or underestimate due to her innocent appearance, demanding respect as an equal from her prisoner. That story with the spider. Lenore. Gender Season 3 was already pretty grim. I hope Hector and Lenore get a redemption story in Season 4. Assuming by "redemption" you mean Hector gets bloody revenge and Lenore gets … First appearance Join. This failed as Lenore proved to be way stronger than Hector and beat him down before leaving. Authors bringing Hector and Lenore together is a good foundation to build on, instead of keeping characters static and predictably negative. Written for Lenector Weekend 2020, organised by the wonderful BakedTofu. Lenore wants to have more sex with Hector. Chibi Hector and Lenore, by Luna Sol. But this does slow her plans a bit. This started out as a crack/comedy fic, but now it's pretty much that and my own personal (joke) season 3 continuation. RELATED: Castlevania Netflix: 10 Things In The Show That Only Make Sense If You Played The Games. IMO, the best comparison to Lenore/Hector would be a hard core, pro-slavery noble from either the Colonial period or Roman empire. Fuck if I know, but I plan on finding out alongside you. Also, Isaac meets the Magician, Hector makes a pledge, and Sumi and Taka make a move. Lenore first appeared welcoming Carmilla back after the latter came back from Dracula's castle, along with an enslaved Hector. Meanwhile, on the other side of the Atlantic, some vampires in Staten Island receive an invitation. As such, she is not above using underhanded tactics to get results, such as manipulation and gaslighting, which is exemplified when she seduces Hector before making him her slave. Fitting to her role as a warrior and military strategist, Striga has a tall and imposing stature with a stocky and muscular build, and is often clad in a suit of armor. Lenore is a vampire, a member of Carmilla's ruling council on her castle in Styria, and the one behind their diplomacy missions, she offered herself to convince Hector to cooperate with Carmilla's plans, which involve the help of the Forgemaster to create an army. Some poems from Lenore's perspective about her relationship with Hector after the ending of season 3. Forging until the bodies became too decayed with time for him to work on and he left the remains for his night creatures to devour while he contemplated his next moves. Lenore … Castlevania: Season Thirsty. Sometime after the events of season 3, Carmilla feels Lenore has made Hector too comfortable to the point of spoiling him. Lenore enjoys playing with her new pet, now he's been trained and housebroken. This is my attempt to keep us all entertained while we wait for Season 4. Hector (Castlevania) By Alex-Chow Watch. 10. Lenore's appearance is that of a slender young woman of shorter stature, with pale skin, ginger red hair, and red eyes. Little is known about her past, except that even before becoming a vampire, Lenore "was always a night person" and "never much cared" for daylight, preferring the night to day time. It’s pretty much all just her manipulating Hector into becoming a pet and bondage slave, culminating in a rather explicit sex scene. Castlevania Season 3 is streaming on Netflix. Affiliation(s) A shorter fic about Hector being challenged to No Nut November by Lenore with rewards if he completes it and punishments if he fails. Vaginal Fingering; Master/Pet; Bloodlust; Cunnilingus; Come Eating; Cleaning; This is Lenore/Hector you know what kind of vibes you're in for; Femdom; Summary. Castlevania - Lenore. Understandably in hindsight. Partnerships In fact, if there’s one word I could use to describe season 3, it’s horny. Lenore is a vampire, a member of Carmilla's ruling council on her castle in Styria, and the one behind their diplomacy missions, she offered herself to convince Hector to cooperate with Carmilla's plans, which involve the help of the Forgemaster to create an army. It’s a facade. Like all vampires, she has pointed ears and sharp fangs. Saved by Faisal abdulkadir. I sat down and watched all three seasons of Castlevania and one thing I picked up on was how tragic the story of Hector was. Vampire Hunters. With Tenor, maker of GIF Keyboard, add popular Hector animated GIFs to your conversations. Day 1: Bites. However, this sense of compassion and kindness was later revealed to be incredibly warped, as seen where she happily declared that what she always wanted from Hector was for him to be her "pet", as she had come to the conclusion that he simply couldn't handle living on his own without someone controlling him, utterly ignoring his own pleadings for freedom, as she had already set her mind into believing this was what was best for him and what he always wanted and needed all along. The Harvest 25m. Day 4: Modern Day AU. 174. Worse yet, he's unlikely to forge anything of use if he's resentful. Up to this point Castlevania has had plenty of blood and guts, but not a … This is me messing about in a puppy play space, because Castlevania does too, but very much not meant as an accurate portrayal of the kink scene. The small weightless object that had him trapped to his captors. As the count himself no longer travels slowly. Lenore may have manipulated Hector into being her Sex Slave and serving Carmilla's plans but hey, at least she's nice about it. The Trio reunite to tackle the latest threat against Wallachia. She has a belt with a bat-like symbol on the buckle and she also wears a silver necklace and studs. This vow, along with a magical ring, makes Hector 100% loyal to Lenore, for better or worse. 2 likes. is the protagonist of Castlevania: Curse of Darkness. 173 Favourites. Abandon All Hope The ruling quartet plans on using everything they have at their disposal to ensure this orgy is legendary and talked about for ages. 1 Fan Speculation 2 Hector in Fan Fiction 3 Hector in Fan Art 4 External Links In the Castlevania: Curse of Darkness manga, it is shown that Hector had a natural ability to draw animals to him before he learned the art of devil forging. Hector is an antagonist in the Castlevania animated series, serving as one of Dracula's two human generals in his army (the other being Isaac. Species Anime Inspired Anime Animation Cute Art Alucard Castlevania Character Design Cartoon Chibi Anime Fan. One night, he asks why she has never bitten him, or rather, would she. Song: Epitaph for Boletaria, Alex Roe, used as The Fourth Sister/Lenore's Theme by MaxtheFan. Please consider turning it on! [NB: I've tagged this blood play, since blood-drinking is the central theme, but it's very much a fantasy version, using vampirism as the vehicle, rather than an accurate portrayal.

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